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Review: Lux Aeterna: A Celebration of the Divine in Music

Con Anima Chamber Choir

A review of the recent concert, Lux Aeterna: A Celebration of the Divine in Music, by Alan Cooper.

The lights were dimmed to a warm reddish glow and suddenly, from nowhere, and yet from all around, the disembodied voices of the choir singing wordlessly the music of the opening motet by Thomas Tallis bathed the Cathedral in the most wonderful choral sound. As the choir processed to the front of the congregation, the tones of the most famous motet by Tallis swelled in richness and in power. This was not just great singing; it was a unique emotional experience.

The performance of Con Anima complemented his [Morten Lauridsen’s] music beautifully. Once again dynamic contrasts were quite glorious, and the richness of the singing inspired me. Lux Aeterna uses organ accompaniment to support the voices and the Cathedral organist Dr Andrew Morrisson was splendid, ensuring that the music flowed without interruption.

For the full review please see the Aberdeen University Music website

Download an excerpt of Con Anima performing Morten Lauridsen’s O Nata Lux from Lux Aeterna [taken from an amateur recording of the performance]

[duration 04’29, size 4.1Mb]

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