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News: CD now on sale

Con Anima’s first CD is now on sale!

Paul Mealor: Stabat Mater was launched on Friday 2nd October at King’s College, Aberdeen.

“Mealor’s Stabat Mater is sublime! Stylistically evolved from Part and Gorecki, it is a work of deep introspection with luminous tonality and a real directness and openness of expression… I wept tears of joy from beginning to end” – Carter Joel Burrell, NYE, New York

“My only complaint was that this piece seemed to be over far too soon. Con Anima’s performance had somehow abolished the passing of time for me.” – Alan Cooper, reviewing Con Anima’s performance of Stabat Mater, June 2009

The CD also features the distinguished soprano Irene Drummond, and Drew Tulloch on piano.

Visit the Con Anima Shop to buy your copy today!

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